– Me and my beau on the west coast of Ireland –

Hi, I’m Han – based in the lovverrly Bristol at the moment working at an okay-ish job, gigging with a great group of musicians/wonderful people and a swinging big band, volunteering with a gender equality coop, and spending quality time with my partner Kieran – exploring the local area, checking out the incredible music scene, and generally enjoying the vibe (indie/leftie/progressive bubble) that this city gives off.

A little bit about me: I was London-raised but lived in Pakistan between the ages of 3 and 7. I’ve also lived in Bangkok for 8 months volunteering with a charity over my year out before uni. I’ve travelled within Europe (lots of camping with my family as a kid), and to Tunisia and Kenya. I have a masters in Zoology (ooerr) not that it’s really got me anywhere yet… I’d also call myself various things including musician, environmentalist, feminist, cyclist and long-distance runner.

Out of that long list of things I wouldn’t really call myself a blogger. I’ve dabbled in journalism before – writing for a recycling mag – and wrote a one-off article for an intersectional feminism site. However, it is something that I would love to get better at so as to fully articulate my journey (so please bear with me as I begin churning out drivel).

We’re (Kieran + Hannah) itching to adventure – escape the shithole of Western politics, stagnant office life, pollution and cold weather to go and fully experience the world around us by doing, growing, walking, climbing, practicing mindfulness, meeting new people…whatever! Current plan is to get a camper and explore Europe through workaway experiences, and then hopefully (if the van hasn’t broken down) onwards, winding through Asia to eventually end up in New Zealand!!

UPDATE: We’ve got our VAN!!


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